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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Ooh... I can just see it now David...

Delighted to have been interviewed by talented author, TARA FORD on her brilliant blog. Take a look, its fun! 

Click the link!

Tara and Me!

Friday, October 17, 2014



Delighted to be featured here!

Also in the past few days the 5* reviews have increased to 215 across Amazon plus a 5* for My Way. Its always a nice feeling to receive any review and rating from readers who have taken time in firstly buying, reading and placing a review on Amazon.

To that, I say thank you readers.

Thursday, October 9, 2014

MY WAY is FREE for the weekend!

Happy Day To You All!

So until Sunday, my book called MY WAY, all about book marketing for the indie author is available and it's FREE on Amazon! Currently its.....

UK! #1 in sales and marketing!
USA! #1 in advertising
Canada! #1 in advertising
Spain! #2 in advertising
Australia! #7 in advertising

The book is how I managed, with marketing to achieve #1 in true crime in America with my first book, Wrong Place Wrong Time, which is currently #5 in the UK and #56 in Biography in America.

My Way has received over 70 4/5* reviews from authors and Wrong Place Wrong Time has received over 210 5* and over 55 4* reviews across Amazon.

So are you struggling with books sales or just want some FREE book marketing tips? Take advantage and download below!

My Way

and if you want to take a peek at my true story, here's the link!

Wrong Place Wrong Time

That's it, thank you for reading and if you do download any of the above books, I hope you enjoy.

David P Perlmutter

Sunday, September 7, 2014

FOGMAKERS by Deirdre Devlin!


Four children sleep peacefully in their isolated farmhouse unaware of sinister dark shapes creeping towards them in the fog. When one of the children, Christopher, is kidnapped, the others must join forces with strange creatures who've come from a dark and dangerous secret kingdom. 

Together they must save not just the boy but the kingdom itself. To do so they must first overcome the terrifying Negatron machine and eerie Time Slice that allows them to move forward and backwards in time but from which, nobody has ever returned alive. This is the Kingdom of the Fogmakers, a secret world on our very doorstep and the children are the first humans ever to enter.

#4 in Science Fiction in the UK on Amazon!

Click the links below to read a free sample!



Friday, August 29, 2014

Jeannie Rae!

Review for MY WAY received from author Jeannie Rae from America on her blog!

Jeannie Rae

Check out the reviews on Amazon from authors, 75 x 4/5*!

My Way 


Monday, August 11, 2014

Updates and Things!

So, it's been a long time really, yes I have posted about fellow author's books and review's for my two book's but nothing about what is happening with me. Well, would you want to know, that is the question. You have no choice but don't worry, its just a sentence or two if you don't mind.

The end of July, 29th to be precise I tuned 50, yes the big 50 and you know what, it's rather grand to say 50 when I'm asked my age and not 49. As whenever I said I was 49, all I heard was, "NOT LONG TO THE BIG ONE." So the big one came and it has now gone, so time to reflect......................................Reflection complete and now to see out the rest of the next half century.......well okay, maybe a quarter then! 

My next project is my next book, my third. No title as yet, as I believe a title should come once the book is complete, just like the naming of the chapters. Exactly what I did with Wrong Place Wrong Time and My Way. It's just my way of doing things, each to their own I guess.

I am 25k words into my third book and it has been like that for a few months, as I have started a new job, and moved, the things that get in the way, so it has been on the back burner for some time. But now I am ready to tap away, as I am doing right now and complete the book and send to my brilliant editor Elaine Denning, who will no doubt be thinking, "You should have sent this blog post to me to edit before publishing it." but I have to do something on my own for a change. I am 50 for heavens sake!

Also, I'm rather chuffed with the rankings for Wrong Place Wrong Time, currently #3 in Biography in UK and was #1 in Spain, Australia and Canada. Also in the top 50 in Drama as well. But what has amazed me is the number of reviews, over 330 with 200 being 5* and 52 being 4*. Yes there are 1/2/3* reviews, and that is the beauty of personal opinions, which keeps it real of course. If one could please everybody, one would bottle it and sell it, wouldn't one?

Well that is about it really, thank you for reading, if you have enjoyed me muttering along, let me know and we can do it again some time!