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Monday, August 11, 2014

Updates and Things!

So, it's been a long time really, yes I have posted about fellow author's books and review's for my two book's but nothing about what is happening with me. Well, would you want to know, that is the question. You have no choice but don't worry, its just a sentence or two if you don't mind.

The end of July, 29th to be precise I tuned 50, yes the big 50 and you know what, it's rather grand to say 50 when I'm asked my age and not 49. As whenever I said I was 49, all I heard was, "NOT LONG TO THE BIG ONE." So the big one came and it has now gone, so time to reflect......................................Reflection complete and now to see out the rest of the next half century.......well okay, maybe a quarter then! 

My next project is my next book, my third. No title as yet, as I believe a title should come once the book is complete, just like the naming of the chapters. Exactly what I did with Wrong Place Wrong Time and My Way. It's just my way of doing things, each to their own I guess.

I am 25k words into my third book and it has been like that for a few months, as I have started a new job, and moved, the things that get in the way, so it has been on the back burner for some time. But now I am ready to tap away, as I am doing right now and complete the book and send to my brilliant editor Elaine Denning, who will no doubt be thinking, "You should have sent this blog post to me to edit before publishing it." but I have to do something on my own for a change. I am 50 for heavens sake!

Also, I'm rather chuffed with the rankings for Wrong Place Wrong Time, currently #3 in Biography in UK and was #1 in Spain, Australia and Canada. Also in the top 50 in Drama as well. But what has amazed me is the number of reviews, over 330 with 200 being 5* and 52 being 4*. Yes there are 1/2/3* reviews, and that is the beauty of personal opinions, which keeps it real of course. If one could please everybody, one would bottle it and sell it, wouldn't one?

Well that is about it really, thank you for reading, if you have enjoyed me muttering along, let me know and we can do it again some time!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MY WAY is Free!

Just to inform you indie authors that MY WAY is free from the 9th July for 3 days, so take advantage. Read the 62 x 5* reviews from authors plus the other 4*'s........

The marketing tips might help sell some more books.......

Monday, July 7, 2014

198 X 5* review for WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME!

#198 X 5* review for WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME!

A tale which should be read. Both harrowing and haunting.
"Reading Wrong Place Wrong Time left me in a bit of a quandary. Did the main character get his just desserts? Was the ending what I wanted it to be? Well, to be honest, that is neither here nor there, as Wrong Place Wrong Time is a true story, and as a result, only had one possible ending. Whether it's the one that the reader desires is not up for questioning. This book intrigued me from the moment I read about it through social media. I deliberately shied away from scanning other numerous reviews of the author's work as (a) the real David is an extremely affable chap (which is not something that can always be said for the 'character' David - but then who's perfect in life?) and (b) I like to make my own decisions. I'm glad I did as now I see a debate rages as to whether this book is believable or not. For me, it is. And a gripping read. At times I didn't understand the lead character's actions as he faces his hideous journey into a hellish time in Spain - why did he do this? - why would he do that? - but again, I think that is truly apt and spot on for what most of us do in life. No-one is perfect. We can all regret doing something and the subsequent consequences that occur as a result. No spoilers here from me as I believe this a tale which should be read. David's words transport you perfectly along his somewhat bumpy and gritty ride and even though maybe you shouldn't always be on his lead character's side (that being the real David of course) I found I did sympathise with him. I wished him well despite not always wishing he'd followed a certain path. I would recommend Wrong Place Wrong Time quite happily. David is skilled at what he does with his writing, and also with his tireless and varied marketing. I salute his story, I salute his words, I salute his ability to write what must been a most definitely soul-cleansing but also deeply harrowing story. After all, it was his. He's lived every word, and I'm glad I was able to now share it."



Went onto twitter and guess what, my book WRONG PLACE WRONG TIME is featured on IndieWriterNews website for EbookMadnessMonday! How cool is that!

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards by Mial Pagan!

"When Denis Mahoney heeds the siren call of a recruitment agent he leaves behind his odd colleagues, the unsavoury Freak, unstable Randy J. Feckenburger (the Third) and unfathomable Bob. Denis finds that he's exchanged one group of eccentrics for another but it is the beautiful Karen, with the body of Venus, brain of Machiavelli and voice from Bromley who captures his heart. A few romantic words and he finds himself embroiled in her dangerous plans and grappling with the big questions in life."

If you like Kathy Lette, David Sedaris or Nick Hornby, you will love this book. WARNING: Should not be used for career guidance or recipe tips! 

Reviews of 'Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards!' 

Loved this book. It's a hilarious satire on the advertising industry, written with real brio and wit. Well done Mial Pagan - a true original.' 

'Top read! 
Brilliant! Not my normal style of novel but could not put it down - I think everyone can relate to the people in this book in their own place of work , even if they're not in advertising.' 

'Do NOT read this book if...... are afraid to laugh out loud often.! 
I thoroughly enjoyed Eat More Bloody Meat, Y'Bastards! and would recommend it to anyone with a pulse. I am hoping for a sequel ......., who can imagine what happens in the next five years? (or the next 5 minutes with these characters) A super read, highly recommended.' 

I've just finished the wonderful Eat More Bloody Meat Y'Bastards!'. . . Laughed out loud. Really loved it. Just the ticket for holiday reading on the sunny ski slopes of Italy. God bless Denis and God help those who work in that dreadful industry!